SweeperAlarm sends a text message reminding users to move their cars for street sweeping. Users can receive the text on the sweeping schedule or the day before. Users can also choose what time they receive the text.

By providing a phone number, users agree to receive text messages from SweeperAlarm. Message and data rates may apply. Users are free to adjust days/times as often as they wish and pause or turn the service off at any time.

Some end users will receive the service at no charge from their private community, HOA, or other sponsors. Users without sponsors may try it free for 60 days. A paid subscription is available.

There is an on/off button on the application. This is the preferred method of pausing or turning off the service. It will save your preferences if you ever want to use the system again.
All users get a one-time 60-day free trial. Some communities provide their residents with a promotion code with the sweeping schedule pre-configured. If you are not in one of those communities, after the 60-day free trial, you can pay a nominal fee to continue using SweeperAlarm. Message and Data Rates May Apply.
Yes, it works very well. You will still need your cell phone to receive your two-level code (OPT) to enter the site.
Not at this time. It is common to refer to E/O week schedules when the sweeping program is twice per month. E/O week is 26 sweeps per year, whereas twice per month is 24 sweeps per year. 1st& 3rd, and 2nd& 4th week sweeping schedules are twice per month.
At this time, it is only one or the other option.
At the bottom of the page where you schedule when you would like your reminder text – there is a “Test Now” button.
After setting up the reminder text schedule, there is a “Save” button at the bottom of the page. Once saved, a highlighted box will display when the next reminder text is scheduled.
On some schedules, the sweeper may arrive early in the morning, and parking in an appropriate spot the night before makes the most sense.
The system checks for and sends scheduled messages every five minutes, 24/7. Then it is out of our control. Each carrier processes incoming text messages a little differently. Most of the time, it is within a few minutes of your requested time.
If where you live follows DayLight Savings (changes clocks twice per year), set this to “on.” Then forget it. You will not need to change this again.
This is a system command at the processor or carrier level. We can’t reverse this. You can reply or send a text with the word “UNSTOP” from your phone to 707-735-6866. This will unblock our server and allow you to log in again.

If you wish to pause or never receive another text from SweeperAlarm, please log-in to turn texts to off. This also saves your settings.
Setting up a shortcut is much easier than logging into a browser each time. These videos show you how to do it in less than two minutes.


As mentioned on the payment page and in the Disclaimer/Hold-Harmless, there are no refunds. We provide a 60-day trial to confirm it works for you before paying.
Not at this time. You will need to authorize payment again at the end of your 1-year or 3-year term; however, if you are using a sponsored code – that will auto-renew as long as the promotional code is current.
We don’t collect anything other than your cell phone number to send text messages. Your cell number and text message scheduling are encrypted. We don’t sell (or share) your information with anyone other than our text message processor.

Our national processor “is certified under ISO/IEC 27001, secures data between customer applications, and supports TLS 1.2 encryption. We maintain strict governance and protection standards to ensure data is appropriately stored, processed, and handled by our people, systems, and technology.”

With all the security, nothing is perfect. However, if someone obtained your cell number, they could not change anything on SweeperAlarm without sending the two-level authentication code (OPT)
We have made great efforts to keep things simple and provided 60 days to experiment for free. Everything is automated to keep prices low. Limited help is available by emailing